It was early 2017 when Miguel & I began home-brewing right in Miguel’s parents’ garage.

We bought a couple of stainless steel tanks, wired up a control panel, bought a few books, and started experimenting.

The science behind it all fascinated us and we spent countless hours discussing the finer intricacies of the brewing process. Our focus was always on the quality of the beer. On creating something we’d be proud of.

Fast forward a little over a year later, and we were suddenly holding the keys to a vacant warehouse in Qrendi. Our brewery stood bare before us and we set to work.

Towards the end of 2019, the brewery was complete, having done all the major works ourselves. It took us time, but we got there, and we’re now geared and ready to go!


Our mission is to brew the quality craft beer our island deserves!




Beer is made from 4 basic ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast.


At Huskie we take great care in selecting the finest hops and premium malts, speaking directly to suppliers to enquire regarding the freshest product available. A lot of time is also put into preparing the right balance of minerals in our brewing liquor.

The day’s brew is kickstarted by adding the crushed malts to the brewing water in a process called mashing. Here we tweak the acidity and temperature of the mash according to the beer we are brewing on the day.

Next up is the boiling process, where hops are thrown in to add bitterness to the beer. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus. The beer is then transferred to the fermentation tank and yeast is added to ferment the sugars released during the mashing process.


It isn’t true that we make beer! Yeast makes it for us!